How To Build Lean Muscle MassLean muscle mass means building some good muscles without gaining weight. If you are someone that is looking to do this, then this article has been written for you.

What will you have to do to build lean muscles? In order to build lean muscle mass you will have to put your body through a stage that is known as “anabolic state”. This article will tell you about the main “anabolic activators” present.


Anabolic Activator #1: Extreme Training for Strength

First of all you will need to start with exercises of extreme intensity so that you can build lean muscle mass. This can be done by strength exercises.

There are many ways to do this type of training. It is recommended that you start off with a bodyweight exercise routine. After you start this, then you should turn to exercises that do not require machines. If you start a complete body course like DoubleYourGains’ 3-5, then you will be able to get your body into the “anabolic mode”.

When an individual puts stress on all the muscles of the body, then the brain signals the body to build more muscle. This should be your goal of your strength training.

Anabolic Activator #2: Extreme Cardio Exercises

Cardio exercises will help you get to your goal of lean muscle mass. The main thing is to perform cardio exercises a bit differently…

Instead of running on the treadmill for an hour you can start doing cardio activities that are anaerobic in nature. This means you should do intense exercises and then give your body a rest for a long period.

Try interval training because it is quite effective. You can start jogging in place for a minute…then sprint at a face pace for 30 seconds… and then start jogging again.

Interval training will help you burn fat and build lean muscle mass. In order to build this mass you will have to eat a lot of food.

Anabolic Activator #3: Eating The Right Food

Many men want to build lean muscle mass, but they do not eat properly. It will be simple if you just eat. The truth to this is that in order to build this mass you will have to know when to eat. This will enhance the mass building process.

The best time to eat is to eat after thirty minutes to four hours after you have worked out. The process of eating a while after your workout is known as “post workout window of opportunity”. All the fuel in your body has been burned due to the intense workout you carried out. Most of the food that you eat will go to your muscle cells and you will be able to build lean muscle mass. So eat a lot of food and this will help you obtain your goal of getting the body that you want.


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